Mission Statement

As we are all aware, bad actors are currently profiting in the millions–even billions–of dollars by using the current medical billing systems to their advantage. If these scams and abuses can be so consistently executed with such little oversight and huge profits, how can we expect to stop them? Current efforts are not working. Detecting fraud after claims have been paid, and then trying to recoup the funds, is failing.

What if you had access to a system that could identify potentially fraudulent claims BEFORE they were paid?

That’s where we come in...
Here at eAffirm, we come to work every day ready to confront these challenges head-on. We create innovative technology focused on data-driven results and actionable insights. Our system has been built for the express purpose of identifying, blocking and deterring malicious billing activity whenever and wherever we find it.

Going forward we will continue to make significant investments in new technology. We will work closely with industry contacts to exchange ideas and share information on how to identify and defend against these threats.

We will be launching new tools for added transparency, expanding our efforts to work with law enforcement, and continually improving our security engineering practices.

Join us and let us show you how committed we are by explaining the work we are doing and demonstrating how you can easily implement our software to stop fraud before it starts.

The eAffirm Team