eAffirm allows users to pinpoint suspicious, abusive, or wasteful behavior across all claim and service types.

Automatically. All in real time.

We've adapted our original purpose-built multi-patented healthcare platform and optimized it for business use outside of the healthcare sector. We are committed to bringing you advanced tools at a fraction of the cost you'd pay for traditional (and outdated) methods.

Remember - You're just guessing until you measure..


Appointment Reminders

Learn more specifically about eAffirm's automated appointment reminders and how they are a great starting point for entry level [waste] assessments. Get realtime notifications of billable opportunities and use machine learning to spot hidden trends. Much more than just reminders.


Network Surveys

Learn more about how you can set up targeted campaigns to instantly verify billable activity and pinpoint suspicious activity or even outright fraud waste and abuse within your network of clients / members / customers / staff and the like. Better Data, More Recoveries, Purpose built.


Data Analytics

Learn more about our data analytic services and how eAffirm combines layers of data with member / client / customer engagement, to generate never before available visualizations, tangible measurable values, detailed insights, and brand new opportunities.