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be set up and customizing your own targeted campaigns, with our simple 3 step getting started process that will not only guide you step by step but will also determine how much of a value we can be to your particular organization.

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We bring together multiple data types along with member engagement to reveal metrics about where to monitor, who to investigate, and what’s really happening..

All in Real Time.

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Whether you are a small startup or large Payer/Insurer.. if you deal in the delivery of timed or 3rd party services, We want to work with you!!

How much money did you recover last year?

Fraud Waste & Abuse overpayments are going virtually unchecked across nearly every category of payer services in the united states. Let us help you quietly identify bad apples and "disparities" within your network.

Trust, But Verify.
For organization
If you are managing large scale operations and networks then our enterprise experts are the people you should be talking to.

Wether you are an individual or a full team, We want to work with you!!

Our built-for-scale templates are targeted to maximum efficiency at scale and bring you truly actionable data the way you want it, where you want it, automatically, all in real time.

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